Buttercream decorated cakes

This is a compilation of the cakes I made through my decorating classes, they’re ok, but I rather decorate my cakes with fondant, but some people prefer these.
You be the judge of that!


About Pezuzu

Just started venturing onto the world of cake decorating, wanting to learn everything.
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4 Responses to Buttercream decorated cakes

  1. Ada says:

    Your cakes are out of this world…we want to know if you could ship them with Dried Ice… You are the bomb!!!!!

  2. Carolina Bogaert says:

    Hey, I love all of your decorations. I can see why you like fondant so much; it makes the decor look perfect. I think I preffer regular frosting though. It taste better and it looks more fuffly 🙂 I would love to taste that chocolaty mouse like cake you made for John.

  3. Carolina Bogaert says:

    Oops! not mouse, Mousse 🙂

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