First cake!

Hey, so this was my first cake, made for my little nephew Aleck on his birthday. It’s not very detailed but I was really proud of my fondant work, lol, and for being my first try I was really amazed by it.
I hope you guys comment and let me know what you think.


About Pezuzu

Just started venturing onto the world of cake decorating, wanting to learn everything.
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2 Responses to First cake!

  1. Carolina Bogaert says:

    This one is very close to my heart because it was your first and it was for my little boy’s birthday. I think you did a great job. I remember how you were freaking out about Princess Peach not coming out how you would have liked her to. You are such a perfectionist. it was adorable and the kids loved it. Thanks!

  2. pezuzu says:

    Aww thanks! I was so nervous 🙂

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