New Year’s Cake

This was an ambitious project for me. I was hosting a little dinner on new year’s eve with family and friends, so I decided to make  a five tier cake, because I wanted to have different flavors my guests would like.

The bottom tier was Red Velvet Cake, with cream cheese frosting, the tier on top of it was Vanilla Cake with vanilla buttercream and the top three tiers were Chocolate Cake with chocolate espresso buttercream.

hope you like the cake as much as we did.

I really liked the vibrant colors.


About Pezuzu

Just started venturing onto the world of cake decorating, wanting to learn everything.
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6 Responses to New Year’s Cake

  1. Carolina Bogaert says:

    Another great cake…

  2. Great cake! Looks like a lot of hard work! Stop by and check out my cupcake blog at!

    Keep up the great blogging

  3. webbyzard says:

    Little party! Are you kiddin’ me! that cake can feed 100 people girl!
    lots of work, I know it

    • Pezuzu says:

      Ha ha, I know it. First let me clear out that I’m a guy! Lol, my nickname is in reference of my younger kitten her name is Pezuña, which in Spanish stands for claw. Lol
      Tell me about it, we had cake for a while, even though I brought a lot to
      Work and it was gone in like 30 mins.

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