Fancy Baroque Birthday Cake

This is one of my favorite cakes!!!! I loved how it came out, I also love that I got to use my airbrush for the first time.

I tried many new things on this cake, I created a new recipe for a three layer Piña Colada Cake, with a  delicious pineapple and coconut filling with a  rum reduction.

I hope you guys enjoy it, I am very happy about this cake… love it!

enjoy Smile


Cakes 1514                           Cakes 1517             Cakes 1527            Cakes 1515


About Pezuzu

Just started venturing onto the world of cake decorating, wanting to learn everything.
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2 Responses to Fancy Baroque Birthday Cake

  1. Carola says:

    This is my cake!!!! So beautiful and yummy. First layer Pina Colada was delish, and the Red Velvet layers were to dye for. You are the Cake Master.

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